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World Premiered at 2017 SXSW Festival
For some kids in Los Angeles in the US, music is not just a form of art, it's the key to overcoming the odds. When Deonte and Amy's high schools cut their music programmes, The Harmony Project steps in with mentoring and music training. The kids share how the programmes strengthen their culture and family bonds, keep them out of trouble and give them the inspiration and support to pursue their college dreams.
Filmmaker: Elliot Dillman
Daniela Tocan11 mons ago
Is this project realy in LA? My husbands bass teacher a lot of years ago is very popular and we just have got contact. Maybe in his rare time he can make a workshop for the project.
ad-min1 yr ago
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fifiXD Ch.1 yr ago
I think music is very important for a lot of people
love lovee1 yr ago
The Harmony Project seems really cool, it helps the young people achieve their goals and make their dreams come true!
Byli Forni1 yr ago
this is so cool 😏you are so good at it! good for you
you can be a different version of the fifth harmony LOL
you guys are the best! knowing how to play a instrument is very cool to me!