A collection of content created by the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts intended for display in planetariums and other fulldome experiences. Music by Luke Mitchell: https://www.lrmaudio.com/

The Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts (IDIA Lab) at Ball State University explores the intersection between the arts, science, and technology. Scholarly, creative and pedagogical projects investigate virtual reality, human computer interface (HCI), augmented reality, mobile apps, visualization and 3D simulation. IDIA Lab is virtual and augmented reality design studio that was funded through the Eli Lilly Foundation’s Digital Media Initiative as part of a $40 million dollar grant to the University. IDIA Lab’s research facilities include four distinct labs – including our new FulldomeLab for creating spherical immersive content. The labs’ faculty, staff and students develop projects in partnership with international clients in this innovative studio initiative investigating the forefront of emergent design and learning.
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