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Listen to the music relax : just wanted to know, if the next town has also some VR360 places, see the Obersee in Bielefeld Germany
Lupe Walsh2 mons ago
The beauty of these places is worth recording. It's really relaxing there.
Saul Rippin2 mons ago
I remember when I was a child, there was also such a stream in front of my house. As long as I could play barefoot in the water in the hottest days of summer, I will be very happy.
Deven DuBuque2 mons ago
It's a beautiful place. After watching your video, I really want to live here for a while.
Enos Kutch2 mons ago
I like places full of green like this. Green makes me more energetic. I love green and nature.
@Aimee Mante So many thanks, yes indeed I look for places where I can really relax and do my Meditation
Aimee Mante2 mons ago
this is a perfect place for some meditation,relax my whole body
Neha Fisher2 mons ago
I really like to see this kind of scenery in the VR world, as if I were in this kind of beautiful scenery.
@Damaris Keeling many many thanks, I think, I can find more such lovely places to relax
Damaris Keeling2 mons ago
OMFG! It's beautiful here. Music in this background allows me to relax with all my heart and eliminate my work fatigue. The green scenery can always make me feel happy!