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Huntington Beach Pier Sunday Drum Circle in 360º ... I love this spot in Huntington Beach, if you got a Drum, bell or a Hula Hoop..you gotta check this place out and become part of the action. Everyone is very friendly and love having a great time! Shot with my DIY gimbal and my Kodak SP360 4K Cameras...The stitching is a bit off sometimes...but I think the energy makes up for that..I would have fixed it but I really just wanted to get this out sooner than later because I have 4 other videos waiting in the wings. Enjoy!
Monika 20085 mons ago
It will be very touching to see this video. It feels good to be in love with each other.
It's nice to walk up the sound step by step. Seems to have found a treasure equally happy.
the mine5 mons ago
This is so cool! This kind of activity makes people want to get involved.
요맨요맨5 mons ago
Everyone participates, and everyone's happiness is Shared. Such activities are really good.