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A 360 VR experience, directed by John Lynch for Full Stop Film. 

Touch/drag cursor across the screen to explore in 360. Use headphones to experience spatial audio. Best viewed in Firefox or Chrome Browsers. For an even better experience, watch with a VR headset.

We asked several volunteers with Synesthesia who "see" music as colours and shapes to listen to individual instrument parts for our song Crackle Pop. We then re-created those descriptions in the video so you can experience Synesthesia for yourself! 

DIRECTOR: John Lynch - http://little-j.co.uk

PRODUCTION: Full Stop Film - https://fullstopfilm.co.uk

PROFESSIONAL ENQUIRIES: crackle_pop[at]fullstopfilm.co.uk

HUGE THANKS: Yazmyn Hendrix, Timothy Layden, Ian Martin, The Unicorn Theatre, Mum and Dad Studios, Kieran Panchal.

Listen to more Human Pyramids: https://humanpyramids.bandcamp.com/

Crackle Pop is taken from the upcoming album, Home, Out Nov 10th 2017 on Three Mile Town Records.

© Copyright 2017 Full Stop Film / Three Mile Town Records
Byli Forni1 yr ago
like a Christmas tress, but in pink, green and purple
love all kinds of shinny things, especially your video, like a big star
love the little star sticker! so romantic!!actually i am thinking maybe i can get one for my bedroom