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The instrumental rock orchestra made of exhilarating and speeding sounds played by 13 instrumentalists.

Four years have passed since Human Pyramids released the first album ‘Planet Shhh!', produced by London-based composer/mulch musical instrumentalist, Paul Russell, the first pressing sold out in just 10 days. Now we are proud to release their awesome second album, ‘Home', on 10th November, 2017.

The grand orchestration by strings section and wind instruments, the rhythm formed by distorted guitars and mighty drums and percussion, and lovely melodies composed by Paul Russell unite like a fantastic chemical reaction to make Human Pyramids' sound. All it takes is a few seconds of listening to the opening track, ‘Louise', to find it as infectious as their debut album!

Last year, Human Pyramids held a concert at Union Chapel in London, joined the The Great Escape, and shared the West Holts Stage with some big artists such as Underworld, James Blake, and Earth, Wind and Fire at Glastonbury Festival.

Enjoy the sound deluge recorded by great engineers at a famous studio 'Chem 19' in Glasgow where MOGWAI had also used in the past.

The instrumental rock orchestra made of exhilarating and speeding sounds, will again be a record of a new masterpiece!
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I love music so much,this video let me amazed.
Sıla Özel2 wks ago
What lovely tune it is. This is really something
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This video is really amazing! I love the music!
What's this pyramid means? Just sounds so nice
Cool video. Crazy.......❤️❤️
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@Pierre Schoen Thank you!!