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In each weekly segment, you can expect to see Kris's transition from the Downtown Player's Club to the new location in Midtown, the new Midtown Player's Club. The transformation of the former midtown gym into the gathering and incubation space that Kris Pilcher is known for.

Kris Pilcher is the co-founder of the Award-winning Downtown Player’s Club (DTPC) and the Midtown Player’s Club (MTPC). The Player’s Clubs are a gathering and incubation space for young and developing artists, activists and entrepreneurs to explore their craft and share their experiments and results. Kris Pilcher provides a platform for these young and developing artists to display their work. 

What to expect...
Several cool and different artists 
Rotating gallery shows
Performance art exhibitions
Live music performances
Immersive theater
Each day will manifest a new experience in which the public is invited to participate!
We appreciate the support from all of you! Thanks for helping the VR world to grow :)

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Thanks for tuning in weekly!
Stephanie Marlo & Team