Allright, we have winter, I am these days too much on the roads, but flying 360 is very important.

+++ONE X over ICED Germany+++
( I hate flying on -10 DEG C 

This was an afterwork party, as you can see on the sundown, baby.

What I am looking for, is a musician, may be she uses #FL-Studio from Jean-Marie Cannie, who has the interest, to add her music to all my 360aerials! Think about it. 360 in the air is always epic material!!!

- DJI Phantom 4 with iced sensors, like the compass.
- DJI Mavic P1
- 2 pcs. of INSTA360 ONE X
- Tons of warm batteries

The camera mount comes from www.djimounts.com, this is the leader of DJI mounts, I have tested many other stuff.

The drone can be removed in the video with Adobe Premiere, please follow the videos under www.djimounts.com

The INSTA360 ONE X is the perfect camera on 01/19 for the usage pn drones or other flying gadgets. I love this camera!

How to fly 360cams:
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