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"Beast of Turin"
More than 100 years ago the Fiat S76 was the fastest car in the world. 1911 Fiat built only two examples of the "Hell Machine". From more than 28 liters capacity, this 4 cylinder draws a full 200hp, enough for a top speed of 290km/h.
Napier Bentley from Chris William. The red beauty, equipped with a 24-liter Napier Sea Lion engine, is built on the chassis of an 1929 8-liter Bentley. Derived from a Napier Lion aircraft engine, the 12-cylinder, W-shaped boat engine manages to develop approximately 550 hp (410 kW).
Abe Sauer2 mons ago
It can be seen that the local people are very concerned about this matter, for the road is full of people on both sides!
Udo Tirolf2 mons ago
@Aimee Mante the original sound is better at the event :-)
Aimee Mante2 mons ago
oh my...i wish i could have one of those baes, the sound of engine is killing me
Udo Tirolf2 mons ago
@Neha Fisher at the Brazzeltag it should be loud :-)
Neha Fisher2 mons ago
The world's fastest car is cool, but there are certainly few occassions for its maximum speed.
Hazle Raynor2 mons ago
These old cars must be worth a lot of money. Thanks to the inventors of cars, our transportation will be so convenient thanks to them.