At the left in this image you can see Sadar Manzil, a Palace build by the Nawabs of Bhopal, Madhyapradesh, India and the ground at the right is called Iqbal Maidan. This is One of The most famous place in Bhopal.
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Shaukat Mahal is architecturally something of an oddity amongst the Islamic themed monuments in the walled city. It is rather western in its design, given by a Frenchman who was supposedly descended from the Bourbons of France. It combines Gothic influences with a Post Renaissance sensibility, and this combined with Islamic features offers quite a unique picture
Sadar Manzil displays a combination of Asian and Western styles of architecture which makes this building stand out in the crowd of the traditional Islamic architecture of Bhopal. The Mahal is a blend of both oriental and occidental styles of architecture. The Mahal is supposed to have been designed by a decadent Frenchman from the Bourbon Dynasty of France. The Shaukat Mahal is flanked by the Sadar Manzil which served as a Hall of Public Audience during the princely period.
Azrul Aziz2 yrs ago
your description said that this is one of the most famous place in Bhopal,so i guess it may have some impressing stories happened there,can you share some with us?