HISTORIC HOCKEY: A HISTORY LESSON ON ICE www.originalhockeyhalloffame.com
The Historic Hockey Series is a re-enactment of the first organized games played on the Kingston, Ontario harbour in the 1880s. Presented and organized each year by the Original Hockey Hall of Fame. The three-team round-robin series featuring Queen's University Queen's Gaels , RMC Paladins Athletics / Équipes des Paladins du CMR, and the RCHA Club Kingston - The Royal Canadian Horse Artillery Brigade Association,2nd Regiment, from Petawawa, Ontario. This unique series offers a brief glimpse of how Hockey got started and how the great frozen game has evolved. It's truly a history lesson on ice! You're invited to come out and watch the action every February in Springer Market Square ! This event is FREE and ideal for the whole family. Downtown Kingston!
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