Even with Glen Canyon dam, the river can still change. In August of 2012, a heavy rainstorm flashed in from the left and reshaped the left side, eliminating a left side run. Finding the right drop in point at the top to avoid the rocks and hole, then moving slightly left to line up for the Son of Hance section featuring some large waves. You can see what happens when you don't quite get the bow squared into a wave at the end of this section and we take a huge slap on the left and get turned right off the reflection. Hance is one of the longer rapids in length in the canyon. Notice the black basalt intrusion into the reddish-brown Hakatai shale on river right as we make the run. Hance Rapid is located in Hance canyon at mile 77. This is the start of Upper Granite Gorge. Bass Limestone appears just at the end of the tail waves in the side walls of the canyon.
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