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Halloween 360: Lucid Dreamscape of the Week!

Live world creation! Join me as I create a 3D Halloween World inside a Jack-o-Lantern! This is a brief excerpt from a show I perform live. You can see my sparkly cursor moving around as I carve the pumpkin, draw the landscape, grow spooky trees, grow corn from candy, and puppet a ghostly dance! I performed this scene in my real-time system, and added my remix of music by Bindlegrim, Secret Chiefs 3, and a collaboration between me and Dean De Benedictis.
Gary Adams1 yr ago
this is not creepy at all! please, scare me, i can take it.
love Helloween! love all the costumes!we should do this monthly LOL
VeeR's Watch1 yr ago
Fun video, the white shadows are ghosts, right? They are not horrible at all, LOL