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360VR - Half Day Signature Wilderness Adventure in Algonquin Park, Canada

Explore Hailstorm Creek Nature Reserve with the assistance of an experienced canoe trip guide. You will experience some of the best scenery and wildlife viewing Algonquin Park has to offer.

This unique half day experience allows day-trippers to explore wild and scenic Hailstorm Creek without having to worry about paddling on a big lake. Our water taxi transports people and canoes (or kayaks) safely from our Opeongo store to the heart of Algonquin Park in just 20 minutes. You’ll spend rest of the time exploring the Hailstorm Creek Nature Reserve, enjoying excellent wildlife viewing and picturesque scenery. Don’t forget to bring along a camera and capture the moment as you round the bend and, for possibly the first time, see a moose, beaver, heron or loon in its natural habitat. The water taxi will return to pick you up at a prearranged time. Don’t miss out on this premium guided day trip – the paddling is not strenuous, navigation is easy and this experience can be enjoyed by beginner and expert paddlers alike.

To make a reservation call 1-888-280-8886, (613-637-2075) to reserve or book online at http://algonquinoutfitters.com/daytri...

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Anastacio Mante6 mons ago
this is a beautiful road trip, the music really relax me .
Agustina Kuhic7 mons ago
yeah we should go out more!! embrace the world
The lake is like a blue mirror, reflecting your good mood
Kiera Erdman8 mons ago
The lake looks so deep that I can't help wondering if there are any crocodiles in it.
KUbeXSon8 mons ago
If I live in such nice place I gonna learn to kayaking too
Isaias Rau8 mons ago
The lake was so beautiful that it had a mysterious color in the water and in the sky.