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ECUADOR 360° 3D - Impressions from our Ecuador trip in October 2017 captured in 360° 3D. A big 'thank you' goes to all the lovely Ecuadorians who hosted us, gave us directions or just helped killing some beers...

Episode 09 - Hanging around in Ecuadors capital Guayaquil is easy and it only takes minutes to find new green friends at the Park of the Leguans (El Parque Seminario or Parque Bolívar or  Parque de las Iguanas). If you crossing that park in the night and you are wondering where your new buddys are, look up in the trees ... ;-)

Parque de las Iguanas @ Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/StNPHPnPT2s

Thanks to Roman Dudek from SGO helping me out with stitching this far to close to the ground shots. Stitched with Mistika VR https://www.sgo.es/mistika-vr/

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Keagan10 mons ago
o hai there's a lizard 🐊
Horror Horse10 mons ago
How can these animals be so cute? I love this video.
vr360bln10 mons ago
xXIamKRONOSXx10 mons ago
This is the first time I've been in close contact with a lizard, which is fake, but it's still fun.
vr360bln10 mons ago
Christian Nunes11 mons ago
I think it only takes a second, they can jump out of the screen and play with me.