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On February, 2018, in Reposo II, a marginal neighbourhood of Quibdó (Colombia), one of the most internationally famous and skilled mural and graffiti Colombian artists known as Guache, shares with us his creative process where his words, hands and colours, get together with those of the Chocó’s young people. This is an immersive experience in an artistic collective action.
MetroNewMedia6 mons ago
I want to present my first VR documentary about the work of "Guache" one of the most famous Colombian mural artists recognized internationally. This documentary was filmed with an Insta 360 Pro camera and the Stitching work operated with the Mistika VR software. Here I put a link about GUACHE and his reference works: https://www.instagram.com/guache_art/ http://www.guache.co/
Bette Dibbert6 mons ago
Wow, it's amazing how quickly a beautiful piece of graffiti is formed. Every time I see someone draw, I find it amazing.