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Ground Beneath Her is a virtual reality film that showcases the struggle of a 14-year-old girl Sabita. Sabita must balance the pain of picking up the pieces after the devastating 2015 Nepal Earthquake and fulfilling the everyday duties of a fractured home, all while trying to keep her dreams for her future alive.

The film is a window into the hardships that hundreds of thousands of people in the Himalayan country Nepal still face. The earthquake claimed lives of over 9000 people, while leaving more than 22,000 severely injured. Over 800,000 homes were damaged or destroyed in an instant. Despite the tremendous efforts underway, thousands of people in Nepal still struggle with food and water shortages, and live in makeshift shelters. UNDP Nepal is working closely with the Government of Nepal to help the people of Nepal build back better with a comprehensive recovery programme that includes creating new jobs, reconstructing community infrastructure like drinking water systems, irrigation canals and market centers and helping people ensure their new homes are build back to withstand any future shocks. To support Nepal's recovery, please visit here: https://give.undp.org/campaign/nepal/c123313 
P.M. Patel1 wk ago
N.lm9 a yn . o my M@ad-min mum reservoir ki t5Ir
we love VR films, but we need more
you guys, don't give up, life will be better(:
ad-min7 mons ago
Really love your VR films!!They are so amazing~We are also a team whom love VR films and made some of them!! Please please please come to our channel and give us some advice. This is our channel : https://goo.gl/K2Uw1A
We have been through the earthquake too, it was horrible
Daniela Rubio8 mons ago
There so many people in the world that are struggling , we should really cherish everything we have and try to give them some help as well.
we should all cherish the education resources(ง •̀_•́)ง
いのみ10 mons ago
education is always of utmost important!!!we should not underestimate the power of it.