GRANDGEORGE is a singer-songwriter based in Belgium. He released his first album "So Logical" in January 2016 under the label [PIAS] after he quit his job to dedicate full-time to music. Since December 2016, after unexpected success and more than 100 live performances, he stopped touring in order to get his second album on track. This 360° experience is the result of an improbable encounter between his trio and the Pastshiva Cie, a Brussels-based ensemble (patshiva-cie.com). Follow GRANDGEORGE @ www.facebook.com/GrandGeorge.official/ Patshiva Cie is a choir of thirty women which, among others, appropriates a repertoire of ritual and traditional world’s dances and songs to transpose them in an unexpected emotions pallet. A fascinating exploration, encounter between a choirleader, Dounia Depoorter & a choreographer, Fatou Traore. Since 2013 they created and tour their first show 'Là où règne le Chaos des Anges', and in parallel they multiply creative collaboration in the pursuit of improbable connections with various artists such as Fabrizio Cassol, Alain Platel, Kangling, Charley Case and GRANDGEORGE.
Every time I see a drum drummer I feel envy, but I can't play.
Amir Hauck1 yr ago
Is this a restaurant? I really like the dining atmosphere here, and I like the music here.