Journey down the Colorado River to see the Grand Canyon as too few do, from the bottom up. Run its biggest rapids, explore its slot canyons, and meet the Navajo and Hopi activists working to protect sacred sites threatened by a controversial development.      

Over 100 years ago, President Theodore Roosevelt asked us to leave the Grand Canyon “as it is”.   Among the crown jewels of the United States’ national park system, Grand Canyon is protected far beyond most public lands, but an unprecedented billion dollar development threatens to change the wilderness nature of the Grand Canyon forever. 

Known as the Escalade Proposal, the plan outlines a tramway resort that would bring up to 10,000 tourists per day down to the Confluence, a place held sacred for millennia.  Discover a story as big as the Canyon itself and learn why wild places need our protection now more than ever.
很多人度假喜欢去海边 去豪华的大都市 我就喜欢去看看这种大山大水
Seth Dochter1 yr ago
Love this!! When I was 16 I took a raft tour down through some of the Canyon. Wet memorable. I hope to make it to the confluence one day soon!
Lovely shots
No anda
Jessie👻1 yr ago
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Great memories. #IWasHere on a road trip with my grandmother in 2002. The road leading west was blocked due to heavy snow that day and we had to drive around the whole canyon to get to our destination. We lost one day of the trip, but we gained beautiful memories of one of the most impressive places on earth. Thank you for sharing this documentary!
Its almost like yiu did see it with your own eyes and we need to help stop this from happening
Vincent Li .1 yr ago
Amazing video
MoDaFo360º1 yr ago
I particularly liked your time-lapse shot with the sun leaving the canyon walls at the end. It was a great way to end the piece.