Do you want to see the LARGEST seated Buddha statue in Asia?

Hi there! My name's Ginna, and I want to share with you an amazing temple I found near Seoul- the Guknyeongsa (국녕사) Temple and the largest seated Buddha statue in Asia.

 Around the 24 meter high Golden Buddha  are 10,000 smaller seated Buddhas. They’ve been donated by families to honor those that have passed away. You can see their names at the bottom of each statue. 

Guknyeongsa is tucked away in Bukhansan National Park just north of Seoul, South Korea. 
The location itself has been in use for over 1,000 years, with the more modern temple being built in 1711. It's most recent renovation was in 2004. 

While exploring the grounds, it was hard for us hard to decide where to look sometimes- at all of the details around this temple or the simply breathtaking view facing it?

We also found small restaurant offering traditional temple meals and dozens more tiny Buddha statues. Another hiker informed us that they were probably little gifts carried up by people like him who knew exactly why they were visiting. 

We never made it into the small red restaurant, and we also didnt have a pocket-sized statue to gift. Yet sitting there, looking over Bukhansan National Park, being watched over by the giant golden statue, we were still bathed in the serenity of this day and place.

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This is the largest buddhist temple in Asia, cool.