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this is a virtual reality video made using the GoPro Fusion 360 Camera, of the creative process in making our Botanical Mandala Art. if u find this interesting or appreciate our art, u should come check out our 2018 Botanical Mandala Art Show @ Painted Hand Tattoo in Oakland, California on April 20, 2018. we will also b vending Oakland First Friday Friday the 13th w/our Botanical Madala. we will b doing live art @ Meet Art Sesh in East Bay on April 15, 2018 & will b vending Wormhole Wednesday @ The New Parish in Oakland on April 18, 2018. we hope to c u all @ one or all of these events & look forward to sharing our love & creativity w/u!

i also wanted to mention that it took around 8 hours to upload this 3.5 minute timelapse.
Blanca Walker8 mons ago
Surprised me, this place is naturally formed?
Maya Medhurst8 mons ago
Thank you very much for your hard work. I really like your video.
王叫兽8 mons ago