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The film is selected att the Barcelona Planet Film Festival.
Dear Michael Wall,
We are very pleased to announce you that your film has been selected at Barcelona Planet Film Festival.
This is the English version with voiceover The Swedish version is here https://veer.tv/videos/god-is-one-a-360-travel-story-calcutta-india-2018-126134

A travel story from Calcutta. Big cultural differences meet the Swedes Michael Wall and Tina Nordlöf during the three days they were in Calcutta to win 1 prize for the VR film SEPSIS. 
It was initially thought of as holiday pictures, but we quickly discovered poorly-deprived poverty. They did not look for a single picture but filmed as they walked around as tourists in the city. 
Playing, very little children who played just side of the high traffic streets, the meat market where you cut meat and where there were birds, rats, dogs in a blissful mess. 
This 360 VR movie is a consideration of the Michael and Tina sets.

Director  - Michael Wall- Sweden
Lena Herrou9 mons ago
Really exotic city. And astonishingly found their driver seats are at right too.
xXIamKRONOSXx9 mons ago
I can't imagine how to survive in such a living environment.
PoZiTiVhIk Play9 mons ago
I cant believe there are so many people living in such a condition.
Mllngtn Louis9 mons ago
When I heard this music, I had a picture of India in my head.
It's just an ordinary dirty city.
OK. I need to say that these are not very clean streets.