Santa Clara Convention Center, CA

2000+ Attendees
70+ Speakers
50+ Companies
110+ Partners

Tim Draper
Founder at Draper Associates, DFJ, Draper University

Michael Arrington
Founder at Arrington XRP Capital, Founder at TechCrunch

Vinny Lingham​
Co-founder & CEO at Civic.com, Board Member at Bitcoin Foundation

Edith Yeung
Partner at 500 Startups (Greater China)

Bill O’Connor
Innovation Strategist and Founder of Autodesk Innovation Genome

Eric Ly
Founder & CEO at Hub, Co-Founder at LinkedIn

Atsushi Hisatsumi

Miko Matsumura
Founder Evercoin Exchange & ICO Advisor

Jeremy Gardner
Co-Founder of Ausum Ventures, Co-Founder of Augur

Sam De Brouwer
Co-founder & COO at doc.ai, Serial Entrepreneur

Jackson Palmer
Inventor of Cryptocurrency Dogecoin

Heidi Yu
CEO & Founder of Boostinsider and BOOSTO

Bill Barhydt
Co-Founder, Board Member & Chief Executive Officer at ABRA

Marwan Forzley
CEO at Veem

Steve Polsky
Founder & CEO at Juvo, Serial Entrepreneur

Michael Dunworth
CEO at Wyre, Inc

Julian Zegelman
Crypto Corporate Attorney & Partner at Velton Zegelman

John Paton
Chairman & Managing Partner IVA Ventures

Ryan Singer
Co-Founder at Chia Network, COO at Tradehill, Largest American Bitcoin Exchange

Susanto Irwan
Founder & Vice President of Engineering at Xage

Joshua Goldbard
Co-founder, MobileCoin, partner, Crypto Lotus Hedge Fund

Reese Jones
Associate Founder at Singularity University

Timo Lehes
Co-founder & Partner at Swarm Fund - Blockchain for Private Equity

Dave Jevans
CEO at CipherTrace, & Chairman Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG)

Bruce Graham
Si Valley startup guy since 1982 / Investor / Advisor

Lindsey Maule
CEO and Managing Partner of Luna Capital

Marquesa Finch
Co-Founder, Managing Partner at P2Health Ventures

Xiahong Lin
Founder at Bodhi Prediction Market and CEO at Ockchain

Radhika Iyengar-Emens
Managing Partner of DoubleNova Group, Digital Health and Blockchain Expert

Tony Rose
Founder and CEO of Airwaze, and Blockchain Advisor to Juvo

Jorden Woods
Blockchain & ICO Expert, Crypto Fund Investor

Elvina Kamalova
Director of Growth at Blockmason

Danny Yang
Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Blockseer

Josh Fraser
Co-Founder at Origin

Kyle DuPont
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Stewart Dennis
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Gurvinder Ahluwalia
CEO Digital Twin Labs, Former CTO IBM Blockchain IoT Cloud

Shahin Farshchi
Empowering entrepreneurs as a VC at Lux Capital

Tarun Gaur
Angel Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Technologist

Matt Galligan
Co-Founder and CEO of Interchange, Co-Founder and CEO of The Picks and Shovels

Chen Wang
CTO/Crypto Design Architect of BOOSTO.io

Andrew Yang
CEO of Authenticiti

Julian Smith
Founder, CEO Blockfreight™ [BFT:XCP]

Max Fang
President of Blockchain at Berkeley

Henry Fan
Managing Director at Crossvine Capital

Alex Man
Managing Director & Co-Founder at Nousplatform

Andrey Verbitsky
Tokenomics Expert / Token Architect at dApp Builder

Markus Levin
Co-founder at XYO Network

Jason Velez
Founder and CEO at 1LAW

Andrian Galkin
Co-founder and COO of Storiqa

Paul Lamb
Nonprofit Consultant & Social Entrepreneur, Principal at Man On A Mission Consulting

Garrett Ochs
Co-Founder & Chief at Otto Robotics, R&D Senior Engineer at Occulus

Gary Fowler
CEO of DY Investments, CEO & Co-Founder at Findo

Josh Constine
Editor-at-Large at TechCrunch

Alex Prokhorov
Co-Founder of Well, Venture Partner at Finsight Ventures

Mike Brusov
Co-Founder and CEO of Cindicator

Darren Marble
CEO, CrowdfundX | Reg A+ IPOs | Compliant ICOs

Alex Linebrink
Founder & CEO at PassageX

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