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Hi all ! Here is the promo video :
As promised I have a special discount code for you that will allow to save 20$ if you'll buy a DokiCam !
The code is
Go to this site : and add to cart a DokiCam (or more than one), then you can buy other stuff or you can go on the Checkout. On the Checkout page you'll be able to put the code in the order summary.
I hope you'll use this discount to permit a 360° camera and to start to share great VR contents !
You can also go here -->	if you wanna buy a WATERPROOF CASE for your DokiCam that will allow you to use it underwater !
For other cool stuff and gadgets :	

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DokiCam :

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Stuffs that allow me to do videos:
LG G5 :
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Alchimista3 mons ago
thank you ! i hope you'll like it 😉
a really good advertisement. I am trying to buy one