My contribution to the #UpInTheAir contest. I think it's the first time I put in so much effort into a 360 video. The footage for this contribution was captured in the first twenty days of February 2018 in the only few hours of sunshine we have had in the county of Gießen in Germany and features exclusively aerial content. There are several timelapse scenes, slow motion and special effects. 

I have decided to enter #UpInTheAir with a little promotional video on the county where I currently live in, although nobody paid me for doing so and nobody has indicated an interest in showing off the county. In fact, according to famous author Georg Büchner, Gießen is "abominable ... a hollow mediocrity in everything". I'll let you decide nonetheless. 

This video was solely made to enter the contest, in love of VR and yet another way to introduce Gießen to the rest of the world. :)
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