Watch our exclusive review of the best transportation means in Barcelona in this episode of our 360° video travel guide, and get some insider travel tips on Barcelona. 

~ Transportation means we will use ~

- Bike Taxi
- Electric Scooters
- Gondola to Montjuic
- Sunset Cruise 

~ Audio We Used ~

Coming soon

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~ About Lookaround ~

Lookaround is a mobile travel app that employs 360° video content to inspire travellers to explore & experience their travel destination in a unique way.
Coco3601 yr ago
Wow! cool one! What a nice city we have!! :)) btw, what's the camera you're using here?
Lookaround1 yr ago
@Ivana Sofia Torres Hernandez It was super nice! We'll bring out an episode on water sport activities in Barcelona soon, so stay tuned for more good weather! 😎
Lookaround1 yr ago
@raissa garcia It is a trumpet with a mute (as seen here: https://www.thomann.de/gb/trumpet_mutes.html). The mute mutes (as you might expect) the volume of the instrument. Looks funky right? ^^
Really beautiful weather out there. Must be a really great trip.
raissa garcia2 yrs ago
I wanna know what the male performer is playing at the beginning. Never seen that kind of instrument.