Hey Guys! Welcome to one of the most colourful days in Amsterdam: The Pride Amsterdam previously known as the Gay Pride. In this video I'll show and tell you all about what is going on during the Canal Parade in Amsterdam.

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@veer181 Yes, it is! It was actually one of my first videos I shot with the camera. Way more are about to come, and you can find some of them already on my YouTube page (Around The World).
veer1811 yr ago
is this shot by insta360 pro?
@Kwekwe Karu Amazing! Thank you Kwekwe Karu!
@Abbey Maggio II Thank you Abbey! I’m glad you liked it! :-)
Kwekwe Karu1 yr ago
Sharing to my #Facebook
Kwekwe Karu1 yr ago
@Erik van der Ven hope to make it someday. LOVE #Pride here in #NYC and #Montreal , hate to say it but i think #Montreal outdoes #NYC for #Pride
@Isidro Lebsack III it absolutely is! You should try to visit one day? :-)
@Ariel Will Yep, it’s a happy place to be! :-)
@Nestor Reynolds I Absolutely! But the more the better! :-)