On Tuesday, I hiked up Gamram Mountain to get to the gazebo at the peak. It was a pretty nice and cool morning. I did break a bit of a sweat though because of how steep the mountain was.

I was worried I wouldn't be able to get to the top within a good time, but the trail was shorter than I expected! I thought it was going to take 40 minutes, but it ended up taking around 20 minutes!

If you want more of an immersive experience, I highly recommend going on a treadmill and walking with me while wearing VR goggles! I haven't tried it personally, but I think it will help!

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Albert2 yrs ago
yeah, if you happen to go alone, you should still make preparations like telling people ahead of time (which I did), and researching ahead of time to see if you can still get phone reception easily or not. Gamram Mountain is great because it's still close by to Wolmyeongdong, so even if I do get hurt or something, there's people I can contact easily.
hiking alone in such mountain is dangerous.
Albert2 yrs ago
@Ottis Gleason PhD Where?! I have to be more careful lol.
Ottis Gleason2 yrs ago
watch your back! there! is! a ! ghost