Find yourself in a state of free-fall, lost in space,
tumbling out of control in the orbit of our home planet, Earth.


This is a 4K remaster of the original "Freefall" from 2015. To read more about what has changed in this version, visit: https://qubavr.com/2017/01/remastering-freefall/


I have always wondered what would it feel like to find myself lost in space.

From 2001: Space Odyssey to Gravity to ADR1FT, science-fiction media presented this scenario (often in first-person perspective) yet I could never feel like I truly experienced it. Now, with help of Virtual Reality, I am finally able to attempt and recreate the sensation – tumbling out of control in orbit of our home planet, Earth.

Watched in stereoscopic 360° video, Freefall 4K is capable of fooling your senses, letting you experience this unique scenario for yourself.

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