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A front seat view of what it looks like to fly knife-edge over Park City, Utah, US.

Barry Hancock of Pilot Maker Air Shows flies his Pitts S2C. Filmed at 60fps with the Vuze camera.

For more about the camera, check out www.vuze.camera
Luna P6 mons ago
I learned to fly a plane and I can see such beautiful scenery, the higher the flying, the farther I can see.
Scott Nebeker6 mons ago
I appreciate that a lot. Thank you.
Jazzy Cat6 mons ago
OMG,this is so so so so amazing!I would never see this kind of scenery without you.
Scott Nebeker6 mons ago
@Stephen Morriss Agreed. This is with the original Vuze camera. When shooting at 30fps and 3D, the stitching is manipulable. THIS particular video was shot at 60fps and monoscopic so the stitching is fixed within the software. It's no excuse but you say "near/far" and you're absolutely right. The near objects are within a meter and the ground is at least 300 meters. Even Nokia's OZO had a hard time with the exact conditions.
Stephen Morriss6 mons ago
near /far objects are a bitch to stitch