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Florida Keys 360 Video Flyover with our belly mounted GoPro Fusion! We take off from Marathon, Fl and fly over Vaca Key, Duck Key, Long Key, and fly back home over the Overseas Highway.

We fly for the amazing views and $100 Hamburgers! We want to bring everyone along on our joy rides across Florida in full 360 video. 

Experience Florida from a unique angle that's a little too high for drones!

 Be sure to check out our series $100 Hamburger! New episodes every 2 weeks! https://www.youtube.com/7zeroproductions

 Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com/)
Ahmad Corkery4 mons ago
I like the city surrounded by the sea, the beach and sunshine can bring us great joy.
You want to know a city, so let's start with the sky, Florida is beautiful.
Kiera Erdman5 mons ago
You are my sunshine, you are my only sunshine, you make me happy, when the skies are grey.
Yes, I can rarely see this kind of landscape about Florida without a drone.@Maude Will
Maude Will5 mons ago
I think drones are one of the greatest inventions, and we can look at a city through a drone.
Angela Kohler5 mons ago
Perfect florita, I love the sunshine here.
Maude Will5 mons ago
This is a perfect city. Thank you very much for sharing.