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A scenic beauty, a fairytale landscape - this sub-alpine lake really makes us stand in awe. If we were to seek out an example of sustainable tourism, we would find one here.

The lake did have mild pollution problems but thanks to smart engineering, the self-purifying system has been restored, permanently.

The local governing body is a 100% committed to keeping this crystal clear glacial lake intact, which explains why motorized boats are not permitted. Instead, you can enjoy rowing boats and observe the majestic swans floating by.


Freshwater and environmental projects in the region include the 'Amazon of Europe' petition fighting for the intactness of the Mura-Drava-Danube riverside forests, or 'AquaViva' that works to maintain nature's biodiversity in the area.


Freshwater scarcity is of course a far greater issue that stretches way beyond mountainwater preservation. Almost a billion people live without access to safe water. Water.org, co-founded by Matt Damon is one organisation aiming to cope with this problem: 


If you want to dig deeper into the topic, browse this collection of NGOs and start taking action: 


More info on sustainable tourism here:

FLO9 mons ago
@Dan King Thanks Dan, important words from a pro vlogger! Stay tuned!
FLO9 mons ago
@NOVACSKILL A nice FLO clip is coming up in March that we shot in a unique pedestrian underpass in Singapore. Another clip is due somewhere in April about a lake of water lilies.. We used poems with those clips, as sometimes poems are the only tools of expression.. Stay with us to see those clips!!
FLO9 mons ago
@Audrey Nadeau That's very lovely from you, however we are a professional production team, and we do use color grading in our post-production. We believe that no cameras can translate the true lighting, true colors, the wind, the sound, the smell, the moist - the overall environment of a location. So to even out, to compensate this flaw, we use coloring. Not too much, not unnatural filters - just enough to emphasize the true beauty of the place!
FLO9 mons ago
@Vitor André Morandi Laurindo We at FLO believe the same, however there IS a process of humanity trying to defeat nature on too many fronts. At the end nature wins, as always - but humanity should survive too, and should do as little harm as possible. The FLO Project aims to raise awareness in this very sense, so thank you for watching and sharing our work!
The most beautiful scenery will always belong to nature, we humans will never be able to defeat nature.
Audrey Nadeau9 mons ago
Now I believe that there are many places in the world that do not need filters and are beautiful.
NOVACSKILL9 mons ago
Seeing such beautiful scenery, I would pretend to be a quiet poet, but I can't think of a beautiful word.
Dan King9 mons ago
Love the swans. Interesting narration. Thanks.