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The film portrays the Waurá people, an indigenous ethnic group made up of 560 individuals who live in the Xingu Reserve, in Brazil. The film shows daily life in the village of Piyulaga and how the indians preserve their traditional culture – while also incorporating habits and technology from white man. The story raises awareness about the out-of-control fires resulting from deforestation around the reserve.
George Philips4 mons ago
A simpler life
sam your5 mons ago
where can i find a forest to set on fire?
sam your6 mons ago
where is this? please tell me
Daniela Braun6 mons ago
Primitive man dress and house are always very strange, and each time the documentary on the primitive, primitive man's clothes were very little, but what should they wear on the cold winter?
Marina Oliveto6 mons ago
Muito bom ver brasileiros fazendo um trabalho tão bacana! Parabéns, nossa cultura é linda. Quero voltar e poder contar histórias tão belas quanto essas!
Ariel Will6 mons ago
I also believe that there is a primitive man, the world is so big, certainly there are many places we have not to explore.