ok...I don't have a headset so when I saw the first upload on a headset, I was like "Jeesh" that's awful...lol So, here's the second upload with some of the 2D stuff I tried adding to the 360 a little smaller so it's not as obnoxious. The main point is I'm really excited to be learning this format and hopefully be able to tell my band's stories in a different and fun way.
We are ZUA (zombie unicorn apocalypse). It's  a DDLG (Daddy dom little girl) band that I have with my two girlfriends. We really have fun playing the songs I've written and hopefully we can encourage some people to not take their life and their adventures too seriously. 
Thank you so much for watching.
Hopefully the next one will be even better.
If you have tips and suggestions, please put them in the comments. THANKS and YAY for VEER!!
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