Ride shotgun with champion Porsche driver Esmee Hawkey as she thrashes her Porsche 911 GT3 Cup up the infamous Hillclimb course at Goodwood House. Sensum worked in partnership with Porsche and Goodwood Festival of Speed, for the festival's key exhibit, Future Lab.

This 360º experience takes you up the Hillclimb track while showing real-time data from our empathic AI technology: measuring the driver's moment-by-moment emotional response to the track. The driver wore an Equivital sensor belt, recording heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature and more. We used this data, combined with further contextual data about the vehicle and drive, to automatically derive a real-time value for the driver's stress levels.

This project served as a demonstration of how empathic AI (technology that can measure, understand and respond to human emotions and states) might be used in motor racing and, ultimately, in consumer mobility tech.

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