Enter our ethereal 360-degree showplace to experience a stimulating exploration of technology through time and space, led by Brian Baylor as he channels Neil Degrasse Tyson.

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The CrossRealms team believes that in divisive times, common ground can be found in technology. That is why, when we decided to dive into a VR/360° video project, the theme we gravitated toward encompassed unity through innovation which tied in well with CrossRealms' core values.

We began the process by researching the world's greatest innovators from Einstein to Ford, to Jobs, to Musk. Geniuses who could fill a dictionary with their messages about creativity and pushing boundaries. We gathered some of their quotes that inspired us and wrote a script to be read by the brilliant up and comer, Brian Baylor.

Featured elements include: The invention of flight, The Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, The lightbulb, Thomas Edison, medical breakthroughs, NASA, Spacex, America, Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr, Star Wars, A Trip to the Moon, Disney, Avatar, The Beatles,  Roy Lichtenstein, The Blue Man Group, Ghandi, WWII, The Pope, Woodstock, Drone science, and more.
human has endless potentials! today's tech and innovation are just the start
79d1b7a7fbf62 yrs ago
Muy buen
lighting a light in the dark,thats what you have done in the beginning,but i got to say it should be done by a girl:)
Sokhomal LY2 yrs ago
when you see something in a view of cosmos,you won't be afraid of or worried about trifles anymore