*Motion Sickness Warning*

Now I know that this has been done before, and it is certainly not a new concept. However I wanted to see if I could apply the same 3D quality that I use in my videos with a head cam follow, and it looks like I was able to figure out how to do it. 

I have no idea if this is something that people want to see, so I tried to make it a little bit better than other headcam follows. First off, I made it so the camera was nestled in between Rin's hair to give the sense that you are a head. Without the hair, it seems like, at least to me, that you are just something that is floating in space and not really connected with anything else. However, I didn't realize how annoying that strand of hair was until after I uploaded it to watch it so I am sorry. Maybe you can adjust the view so that only one of her hairpieces is in view and that should hopefully not make it as annoying (that is what I did with the psvr, I angled my head up and pressed the options button until only one silver hairpiece was in view).

Second, I put that astral projection in front of Rin so you would have a better idea of what Rin is doing. Originally, it was just going to be a mirror that reflected everyone, but that seemed to be a bit boring. I wanted something that helps you confirm what Rin's body is actually doing, since with VR we are only given one of the senses which is sight (and sometimes hearing) to reaffirm where we are relative to everything else. Now this doesn't really solve that problem, but I wanted something that allowed you to see what Rin's body was doing plus the other models, but have it so that if one of the other models went in front of you, you wouldn't have a reflection of them since you could clearly see them. Basically, I wanted something that simulated what you thought everyone else was doing if they were not in your sight.I know that I am not explaining this properly, but that was the idea behind that. Also, it is not perfected yet, which you could probably tell from it jerking around a couple of times.

Third, I wanted to see if I could increase the 3D quality a bit, which ended up increasing the entire capturing and encoding process by quite a lot.

I have no idea if I am going to do this again, it honestly depends on you (my audience) if I am going to keep doing this. I would definitely be willing to do this for my other videos as well, but I would like some confirmation as to whether or not people want me to do that. Just to let you know, I value comments and likes/hearts more than views, so if you are someone who really wants me to keep doing this, it would be best if you used one or both of those methods to let me know. I also realize that my viewers come from many different parts of the world, so feel free to put a comment down in whatever language you find easier to write it in. Also if you have any critiques or would like to share your opinion on something about what I did, I would be glad if you would let me know.

If you guys really want another one, I promise I will try to make it better than this one.

Anyway here are the Credits:

- MikuMikuDance

- Santa Bikini by Murabito124 http://murabito124.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Santa-Bikini-Edition-DL-652114978

- Luminous Bars AL by monobuni http://monobuni.deviantart.com/art/Luminous-Bars-AL-Stage-Download-434188110
-Magical Square by monobuni http://monobuni.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Magical-Square-DL-322119582
- Little bar stage by  SilverRose0916 http://sliverrose0916.deviantart.com/art/Little-Bar-Stage-MMD-STAGE-DOWNLOAD-DL-579255541

- MikuMikuDomeMaster by Caeru.E型 https://twitter.com/Caeru_Odin
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- skydome.x
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- KiraKira.x
- SSAO-Cubes.x
- MotionBlur-Cubes.x
- swFilterVignetting.x
- swStar100.x
- ExcellentShadows-Cubes.x
   all effects used were included in the MikuMikuDomeMaster.zip
that can be downloaded from caeru's twitter

- Wave 3 person by Moka http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm28332866

- Wave by Niki

- by me
Rahn MMD VR1 yr ago
After watching this back in VR, I realize now that the camera should have been little bit more down and back, I am sorry for that. I hope you can still enjoy it as is.