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Are you wondering what your first therapy session might be like? We get asked that question all the time. Dr. G, a clinical psychologist guides you through your first therapy session in an immersive virtual reality session! 

Therapy can at times be an intimidating thing, especially when you are first starting. It's important for you to feel comfortable within your therapy sessions. Typically how your first session will go is after you have filled out consent forms you will sit with your therapist and discuss what you are going through and what you would like to work on. The role of the therapist or psychologist is to observe and listen to you and help guide you to a path of success.

Therapy sessions typically include tools, modules, and evidence-based practices to help you further grow.

Therapy can often times be a helpful with overcoming addictions. Learn more: 

We truly hope this first therapy session virtual reality experience was helpful to you! We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and we are always open to helpful video suggestions!

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