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The Pirgon Quarry (Birros Hellenic Marble SA & Stone Group International) is one of the largest white marble quarries in Europe. It is located in the prefecture of Drama in northern Greece, close to Pirgi village.
Extraction activities began in 2003. It covers an area of 348  acres and its annual production capacity is 160,000 tonnes in blocks.
It is ergonomically structured with 24 layers for optimal extraction and quarrying, while respecting all environmental regulations.
All areas have been configured through gentle interventions that follow the mountain’s natural contours, so that the quarry is accessible at every location via the 20-kilometre road network that has been specially constructed for this purpose.
More than 200 employees of various levels are currently employed in the quarry.
Pirgon quarry offers five types of white marble:
Pirgon Alas, Pirgon Mist, Pirgon Nivatus, Pirgon Delta and Pirgon Ebru Arabesque.

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Rod Boehm8 mons ago
The quarry is really a magical place, and I can't even imagine what tools you use to cut stones.
Willa Herman8 mons ago
Will the quarry empty the whole mountain?
Erik Ritchie8 mons ago
I thought it was a tourist destination, because it was nice.
Joesph Goldner8 mons ago
It was the first time I had seen a quarry, and it was very strange and very beautiful