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[Melaka's First 360 Video]
Jonker Walk is a historical old street in Melaka. It means a lot to us the Malaccans, and especially the elders, as it has stored countless and wonderful memories.

Are you a Malaccan? Then, Jonker Street must be closely linked to you, too!

Jonker Walk is the pride of fellow Malaccans. It is such an honour that we are able to present to you this lively and euphoric old street in 360° view. So, wherever you are, you are able to experience the milieu of Jonker Walk.

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We sincerely and whole-heartedly thank all our production team, our friends, the casts, the shop owners, the merchants, and those who happened to appear on screen. Million thanks for your participation and contribution!
"Melaka - MY HOME, MY PRIDE"

记载着无数人的回忆 更是老辈们的年华


让各位即使身在何处 也能体验鸡场街的氛围

“评论”告诉我们 您对鸡场街的感想

【 马六甲是我们的骄傲 】
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Executive Producer: Dave Goh, Alex Loh
Producer: Joeline Wong 
Director: Joeline Wong 
Screenplay Writer: Joeline Wong 
Camera Operator: Ethan Han
Editor: Ethan Han
Actor: Goh Cheng Kai 
Actress: Gizelle Ziyen

Special Thanks
-Shermaine Tai 
-Cristjen Lai 
-Shen Lim 
-Alice Leong Mei Ping 
-Joey Wongcy 
-Thijs de Koe 
-Ti Soh Wan 
-Timothy Tsy 
-Victor Tee 
-Grace Hee 
-Eugene Pang 
-Aloysius Kee 
-Vincent Chai 
-Desmond Loh 
-Chau Yen Shen 
Specially thanks to GrabCar for the corporation.


Music Credit :

Melaka's First 360 Video || 馬六甲首個360視頻