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Who is the man on the cloth? A
Spurensuche "deals with the
Turin Shroud and together
hanging, frequently asked questions.
The designed by the Maltese Aus
position will be under the patronage
by bishop dr. Karl-Heinz Wiesemann
and with the kind support of
Domkapitels in the crypt of the Speyerer
Doms to be seen.
The core pieces of the exhibition are the Tu
Riner Shroud in an original size
Copy and an imprint of the Tu
corresponding life-size figure.
Text panels, various exhibits, such as
Nails used in a crucifixion
and seating cubes invite you
an insightful and at the same time
contemplative exhibition. A Bro
books and a website
this experience.
The exhibition combines faith and
Knowledge in an impressive way. tex
the Holy Scriptures to suffering and
Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, science
studies on the impression
of a man on the Turin Shroud
and consolidate historical research
the assumption that the man is on the
Cloth Jesus of Nazareth was and this
Cloth enveloped his corpse.