Do you use a Mac or a PC?

Apple loves to call themselves and their products "Magical" and "Genius."

When 2 of our expensive Macbooks crapped the bed (again), as well as 2 "Magic Keyboards", it cost THOUSANDS of dollars to repair them. My "Magic Keyboard" is still broken and my iMac crashes every night unless I shut it down daily.

So in honor of Apple's unshakable magical genius, here's a song entitled, "Everyone's a Genius (at the Genius Bar)"

This song was improvised and recorded live in one-take. I'll be releasing a new 360 Music Video every day for a year, check it out at http://abeljames.com/big-news-360-days-of-360-music-video-concerts-virtual-reality-nature-tours-livestreams/

Also, we just upgraded to Alienware VR PC's... We'll let you know how that goes. 

Hope it's worth a giggle. More 360 Music Videos (and Virtual Vacations) coming soon.
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