Do you use a Mac or a PC?

Apple loves to call themselves and their products "Magical" and "Genius."

When 2 of our expensive Macbooks crapped the bed (again), as well as 2 "Magic Keyboards", it cost THOUSANDS of dollars to repair them. My "Magic Keyboard" is still broken and my iMac crashes every night unless I shut it down daily.

So in honor of Apple's unshakable magical genius, here's a song entitled, "Everyone's a Genius (at the Genius Bar)"

This song was improvised and recorded live in one-take. I'll be releasing a new 360 Music Video every day for a year, check it out at http://abeljames.com/big-news-360-days-of-360-music-video-concerts-virtual-reality-nature-tours-livestreams/

Also, we just upgraded to Alienware VR PC's... We'll let you know how that goes. 

Hope it's worth a giggle. More 360 Music Videos (and Virtual Vacations) coming soon.
Abel James8 mons ago
@Edyth Boyle "There is life in the mess." <--- I love that! Thanks for watching, Edyth!
Edyth Boyle8 mons ago
Your home is so special, we can see it clearly. There is life in the mess. Plus, your music is really nice.