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Africa´s first ever 360 VR panorama music video. Filmed on the roof of the National Theater in Ethiopia, central Addis Abeba the dynamic 360° panoramic view was created through seven separate takes with 1 GoPro camera by Stocktown Films.

About Ethiocolor 
Ethiocolor is the Addis Abeba based folklore group consisting of musicians from three different generations. The group is recognized for their vibrant live shows where traditional instruments are arranged in contemporary style together with the rhythmic dance Ekista. Through their pioneering sound combining modern and urban influences Ethiocolor becomes a valuable documentation of Ethiopian culture.

Video Credits:
Filmproduction: Stocktown Films, http://www.stocktownfilms.com
Directed and produced by : Teddy Goitom, Senay Berhe, Benjamin Taft
Production assistant: Meron Getahun
Location scouting and co-ordination : Zeleman Production, Advertising and Communication Agency 
Music credits:
Band: Ethiocolor 
Song title: Mali Malonayie
Recordlabel: Selam Sounds
Music producer: Andreas Unge
Contact: selamsounds@selam.se
Golden 1 yr ago
Love this video.. can anyone translate the song in English.. I’d love to know what the song is about..
andre bello2 yrs ago
yep,lets dance with those guys