Here is the second episode of six upcoming episodes that I had the pleasure of shooting with Marc!

The following micro-short episodes of 1-3 minutes are currently being edited and will be published ad-free soon:

1. 360 experience of a lingerie photoshoot with actress and model, Asia Ford
2. 360 ground-level peek of slalom artist Marc Angel from a cone's perspective
3. 360 experience of a micro-theatrical piece with the Angel and the Devil featuring Nikita KLOSEWOOD and Mike GARCIA
4. 360 experience of the beautiful and talented violinist Anna Gongdadze
5. 360 another 360 ground-level peek of actress and model Asia Ford wearing a beautiful [INTERACTIVE]
6. 360 surreal experience of Jardin des Plantes 
7. BONUS (surprise announced on youtube Channel).

The casting for 360 shoots is now over. I will need to process the videos and encode them in the right format so that you can see them. Subscribe to this channel and to my official FB page http://fb.com/alagraphy for more updates. Have a wonderful day and let me know what you think!
rosa nada1 yr ago