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Is summer coming? We already have an excuse to meet, barbecue, open the pool and record our Summertime Edition of #Placebo in 360 degrees and 4K. A new video in every play!

Placebo is the second single from "Médula", the acclaimed new album from EON that has surprised critics and audiences. A different vision of the consequences after excesses and addictions.

Twitter: @eonmetal
Instagram: @eon_es

Spotify: https://goo.gl/o0ObdM
iTunes: https://goo.gl/BSaR9A

Original idea: Oriol Borrás
Edition: Pablo Mahave (http://www.pablomahave.com).

You can see the original version also in:

EON is a contemporary metal band, encompassed by Ankor, La Skala de Richter and Somas Cure, in the new wave of metal (nwom - new wave of metal) phenomenon, influenced by Hamlet, Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Sôber ..., whose latest work: "Médula" has been included in the lists of the best records of 2016 in the main specialized media in the country.

Available in ITunes: https://goo.gl/JtMdMj
interesting mv. I thought the three beauty will stand up and dance
It's so happy. Perfect summer vacation.
You can have a party like this during the summer vacation. It was absolutely perfect summer.