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This was my favourite activity to do by far in Thailand. I've always wanted to bath with elephants. I wasn't interested in riding them, so I made sure I went to a no riding sanctuary. It was made even more pleasurable by the fact they had two baby elephants there at the time, one of which was only 2 days old and was so dam cute. This is something I think everyone should add to their bucket list.

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Ash Blagdon7 mons ago
@VeeR's Watch Awesome Thank You so much :)
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Michy OMG8 mons ago
Really nice experience to ride a elephant ! So funny!
Ash Blagdon8 mons ago
@Erick RubioCx Haha yeah the roads were crazy 😂
Erick RubioCx8 mons ago
I thought you are all on the back of an elephant...so bumpy