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Taken from the album 'Know Hope' Out now on iTunes, Google Play, Pandora, Spotify....

Video by Ed Davis at Underbelly - http://www.underbelly.co.nz/

We are super proud to give you the fully interactive 360 degree video for 'Surface Breaks'.

We wrote this song after watching a beautiful documentary called 'Alive Inside'. It tells the story of a therapist who uses music from peoples past to induce memories of their childhood and their early lives. These people have lost time and memories through dementia or Alzeimer's yet playing them their favourite music triggers really incredible reactions. Its such a touching documentary that we wanted to make a music video inspired by this. 

We talked to Ed Davis (Filmmaker who has made many of our Ekko videos) and he thought we should try to make an all immersing interactive video. 

We thought a lot about life in NZ. About this wonderful melting pot of history, art and culture. 

What if we got a group of kiwis from a vast array of backgrounds and ages, put them all in a room, played them our song and just let them all express themselves to the music? Where would it take them? Where would it take us? 

Making this fully 360' interactive means that you, the viewer, are also part of this video. You choose how it moves. You choose who you want to follow. Every time you watch the video it is a new experience with a whole new perspective. 

Press play, rotate your device and have fun.

Thank you.

Made with the help of nzonairmusic.

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