don your VR helmet of choice and be there on day 3 of E3 2018 reliving the time I was swept into the line for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and ended up playing against some core fans, who I think may have played this games before ( several times on the same day) . In fact the couple in front of them refused to play with them because they were so core... didn't bother me, Nintendo won E3, again ( 3 for 3 now) with this one game and the announcement of Fortnite on Switch/ Xbox Crossplay... this is one of the best things about E3, totally random encounters and occurrences, I thought I'd never get time to play , let alone film whilst I was playing, I'm holding the VR camera and gimbal in this video whilst playing by the way... This in the dying minutes of day 3 ! VR video of ppl who can actually play, including the first competitive match on day 1,  to follow...
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