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We are more than honored to be able to capture in collaboration with Faena so an impressive experience like this one. It makes clear to us again that art is the foundation of social spaces and vice-versa.

Faena District welcomed its Miami Beach neighbors to celebrate art, culture, and community at Second Sundays. A site-specific installation in which guests of all ages are invited to roller-dance within an immersive artwork ángeles veloces arcanos fugaces by Brazilian duo assume vivid astro focus. Presented by Faena Art, Second Sundays featured live performances by Miami Quad Squad and TM Sisters, music curated by Miami-based DJs, Paperwater, and culinary pop-ups by Plant Twist, Vodka Pops and Wynwood Parlor.

At Immerse Miami we want you to get the first-person experience of the culture of Miami through public figures, events, and social spaces. We firmly believe that the city is more than sun and beach. It is the first web series filmed in Miami in 360-degree video format. 

What does Miami represent for you? Tell us your story and what topics do you prefer to find here! 

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Creative Director: Claudio Pairot / http://bit.ly/instaclaudio
Produced by Puntilla Films / http://bit.ly/2gCm9W1

You can catch up about Immerse Miami here:
Claudio Pairot11 mons ago
@Janessa Champlin south beach at Miami. USA
Claudio Pairot11 mons ago
@Abigayle Strosin yes you should go! It’s a great experience.
Mertie Osinski11 mons ago
The skating rink at Faena Arts Center looks cool.
Polly Corkery11 mons ago
It turns out to be so slippery
Janessa Champlin11 mons ago
Where is this
Cindy DuBuque11 mons ago
People enjoy the process of skating very much
Abigayle Strosin11 mons ago
It looks like there are many people to skate at the Faena Arts Center.
Jayce Daugherty11 mons ago
A lot of people learn to skate
Claudio Pairot11 mons ago
@Gisselle Keeling Fa tastic. That’s the purpose of our webserie. If you live in Miami uiu could go the second sunday of each month. It’s free.
Claudio Pairot11 mons ago
@Abe Hyatt Thank you