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Dinosaur's VR360 Sequence created using iClone7.

The complete iClone7 project includes:
- iClone 7 Standard Height Map Large Terrain.
- Plants and rocks from Reallusion Botanic Pack.
- HQ Background Forest walls created with Reallusion PopVideo Converter.
- Dinosaur models and animations imported from Cinema4D using Reallusion 3dXchange.
- Sound effects mixed in Vegas14 Pro and imported as background track in the iClone 7 project.
- Standard iClone 7 atmospheric particles and fog effects.

 Rendered by iClone7 at 3840 x 2160 pixels of resolution activating the 360º Panorama checkbox.
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if they were alive, what the world would be?
great! the cartoon is amazing 😄😄they are so vivid.
they are kinda adorable, you konw, if they can be10 times smaller.
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